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John M. asked 1 year ago
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Ellen Winds answered 1 year ago

This error might occur because

  1. if you have two accounts with the same account name and the same account number(or even if the last four digits of the account number are the same.)
  2. when you have added the same account twice with Quickbooks product.

If the first scenario is true then re-name one of the accounts at the bank’s website to uniquely identify the account. Then, try adding the accounts again in our product.
And if the second scenario is true then, you can disconnect the most recent instance of the accounts (lowest on the list on the Bank Accounts page). Please note, deleting accounts does delete the data imported from them, so make sure the account you are deleting is the most recent one to avoid losing older data.
If neither of the above solutions works, please contact our support team of Quickbooks to take help of the Experts.

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