DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to update and download bank transaction?
Chelo Simpson asked 1 year ago
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Emma Victorious answered 1 year ago

To download the transactions manually follow the following steps-
Step 1: Pick a date range
Selecting a range is important to ignore the duplicate entries. Go to the accounting menu and select the Chart of Accounts, find your account, and select Account History.
Step 2: Download transactions from your bank
Sign in to your bank.
Follow your bank’s instructions for how to download transactions to your computer. and save the file in your computer.
Step 3: Review the file format and size
Your file needs to be formatted to be updated in Quickbooks.
Step 4: Start your update 
Open the banking tab from transactions menu and then select Update and the File upload
Step 5: Upload your file into QuickBooks
select browse and file downloaded from your bank. then click on next.After that select your account and follow the on screen transactions to add transactions to your account.
Step 6: Categorise the transactions
Step 7: Reconcile the transactions
Your files are successfully updates and downloaded to your Quickbooks company file.

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