QuickBooks Abort Error- How To Remove This Issue

QuickBooks Abort Error- How To Remove This Issue

We know very well that QuickBooks is a blessing for Freelancers and solo enterpneor. Its simple and easy user interface feature makes it one o the best accounting software all over the world. Users can normally utilize QuickBooks without having great knowledge or expert in the field of accounting. However, things are not as perfect as we think, there are a lot of unexpected problems that arise while using it. One of them is QuickBooks Abort Error which creates a lot of trouble for the users.  

Being a third party adviser and support provider, we don’t want you to stuck with QuickBooks Abort Error. So here we will talk about some of the best resolution processes or steps to solve this unexpected error or any error related to this condition. In between to solve QuickBooks Abort Error, if you find that you need assistance then please feel free to call us on our toll-free number +1-888-461-1519 for QuickBooks support.

More about QuickBooks Abort Error

QuickBooks Abort Error breaks the works in between the process. The main cause for happening this error is damaged or corrupted QBWUSER.INI file. This error is a type of software that interrupts the ongoing changes in the file and stops the QuickBooks program.

The moment you start to make any changes in the file and save it, your system will crash unexpectedly. It also causes your QuickBooks to get close. This error basically aborts the ongoing transaction like saving the file, changes in the file, and restart the software.  

Conditions behind the cause of QuickBooks Abort Error

These are the list of conditions or reasons that cause QuickBooks Abort Error:

  • Damaged or corrupted QBWUSER.INI file. 
  • Corrupted or damaged hardware or Windows Operating System.
  • Utilizing QuickBooks that is basically installed on another system.
  • The connection is non-wired or unstable.
  • The folder where you have saved your file needs additional permission.
  • Your system firewall prevents access.
  • The power-saving option is on. 
  • Some anti-viruses can also lead to this error.
  • You have activated Sleep Mode or Hibernation Mode on your system while.
  • Your QuickBooks does not have the latest update installed on it.
  • More than one computer network using QuickBooks on a single system.

Signals that show QuickBooks Abort Error

You have to take action when you see any of the single below. You will see the following sign and symptoms when QuickBooks Abort Error occurs on your system.

  • QuickBooks will automatically close or shut down.
  • Your system will crash without popping up any warning message.
  • A message ‘FataAppExit’ will display on your system and terminates the QuickBooks when you close this message.
  • QuickBooks software will crash without displaying the error.

How to remove QuickBooks Abort Error

A single error can put you in huge trouble where you might lose your company file. But you don’t have to worry because we are here to give you all the possible solutions. We will now discuss some of the most effective solutions to remove the problem related to QuickBooks Abort Error. Try out these effective ways and if you don’t find anything works with you. Then take help from our ProAdviser team, they will definitely solve your problem without wasting a single minute. 

Update QuickBooks to the current version

It has been seen that most of the common errors resolved by updating QuickBooks to its latest release. Here is the ste[p o update your old QuickBooks version to the latest one: Open your QuickBooks software. 

  • Go for the Downloads and Updates option.
  • Here you will get the drop-down of Select Product, choose your QuickBooks product from the options.
  • Then from the drop-down of Select Version, choose the correct version or year.
  • Click on the Search option.
  • And select the option for Get the latest updates.
  • Now click on the Save/Save File to start downloading the update.
  • Once the downloading completes, double-click on the software to initiate the installation process. 

Utilize QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool diagnose and fix the error by its own. It will help you to identify and repair all common issues on the QuickBooks desktop. In case there is an operating system issue then it will also recover. You can see the download and installation process steps by steps from the above link. After that, you have to follow:

  • Run the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool on your system 
  • This tool will diagnose and resolve all errors and issues of  your QuickBooks software
  • After the completion of this process, you must restart your system to see the changes.

Rename your QBWUSER. INI file

Renaming the QBWUSER. INI file can solve most of the error that is related to your company file. We have also discussed this solution in the blog ‘QuickBooks Is Not Responding’. You can get the steps of how to rename the QBWUSER. INI file from the blog. Follow the steps and after renaming the files, try to open a sample company file. In case you are not able to open it then make a copy and paste it on another folder and again open it. There is a high chance that the QuickBooks abort error will be fixed by this method.

Deactivate Antivirus Software and Windows Firewall 

Activation of antivirus on your system can interrupt the ongoing process of your QuickBooks. The reason behind is that  Antivirus Software and Windows Firewall are made to stop all un-secure program. After deactivating the Antivirus Software and Windows Firewall, it will allow you to save the changes. When you make any changes in your company file or try to save it the firewall and antivirus of your system stop it. So once disabling it, QuickBooks’ abort error will be automatically resolved. Make sure to reboot your system once the process is finished to allow the software to save the changes you have made.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool from the official website. Run the tool to solve the error completely from your system. You can read the blog QuickBooks File Doctor beginner’s guide to get an overview of this tool. To diagnose the error, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Run this tool by double-clicking on the icon of the tool.
  • In case it shows a result “No problem detected in your Company File”, then there is no problem with your company file.
  • If it is showing any error, resolve it following some valuable steps. 

Winding Up!!!

In case none of the above steps work to solve QuickBooks Abort Error, then you can anytime call us. We have employed experienced and knowledgeable staff in solving all kinds of errors faced by users while utilizing QuickBooks software. Comment down below for more information about QuickBooks Abort Error. Our team will feel very happy to hear from you.


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