QuickBooks Ambassador Program

QuickBooks Ambassador Program

The QuickBooks Ambassador Program allows you to access unique tools, resources, and rewards by signing up. It is a method of earning rewards by referring to the code among the community. This program makes it easier to start earning additional income while delivering special tools and resources to the people. You can earn money and different rewards as much as by using the resources given by the QB ambassador program. 

How does the QuickBooks Ambassador Program work?

Firstly you have to sign up for this QuickBooks Ambassador Program. After signing up you will receive a unique referral code to share among your community. You can easily share your referral code anywhere at any time. You can also create custom links if you’d like to increase the traffic to a particular destination. Cookies are used to track your referrals, so when you create and share a referral code, it will track your referral activity, regardless of the code destination. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your referral code. If they click again, the 90 days restarts. This unique referral code results in an offer page where your friends and followers have the opportunity to buy QuickBooks with a special discount offer. After the sale is confirmed, you are eligible for a $50 reward.

You can also check the status of your referral code clicks on the QuickBooks Ambassador Hub.

How to become a member of QuickBooks Ambassador Program?

Ambassadors are not only QB power users/clients. If you recommend new products, share tools and resources with your companions then you can become a member of the QuickBooks Ambassador Program.

Where is the QB Ambassador Program located?

QB Ambassador Program is originally located in the US. You may also refer subscribers in any country where QuickBooks is accessible, however, the special rebate offered for referrals may not apply. Referrals purchasing QuickBooks in another Nation are subject to that Nation’s then-current pricing. Referral rewards will be issued in USD to you regardless of where the referral clients enrolled themselves.

What are the special features of the QB Ambassador Program?

Although there are many features of this QB ambassador program, some of its special features are as follows:

1.Referral Rewards

You can procure bonus rewards for making the suggestions you might already be making to your companions. Also, you can receive $50 as a reward for every new subscriber you refer to. In this program, there is no limit in earning rewards and referring codes.

2.Special Rebate Offers

This QB ambassador program shares a special rebate offer of 50% off on the QuickBooks versions for a period of six months.

3.Tools And Resources To Succeed

If you become a member of this program, you will get access to the resources, tools, devices, and assets to assist you and your community to keep their business finances altogether and share the information among other companions. 

4.Bonus Advantages

You might also get the opportunity to earn the additional cash rewards and can also get a chance to be promoted on the QuickBooks social channels.

How does this program pay you for referrals?

This QB Ambassador program partnered with PartnerStack to produce a payment platform. Your cash bonus perks are evaluated at the end of each month and you can also make your cash-out through PayPal or Stripe. Cash bonuses are only for paid subscriptions. However, signing up for a free trial is not eligible for a referral bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the details of the special rebate/discount offer?

Ans Special discount offers 50% off on the monthly price for QB Online (Simple Start, Essentials or Plus only) or QB Self-Employed is for the first 6 months of service starting from the date of enrollment for new paid subscribers only. In this discount offer, trial subscriptions are not applicable, followed by the then-current fee for the service. Additional terms, conditions, pricing, features, service, and support are subject to change without any prior notice.

Where to share referral code?

Ans For sharing referral code you can talk to your companions, post on social media, share videos, write blog posts, link to it on your website, or add it to your email signature. 

What are the promotional tools and resources that can help us?

Ans This QB Ambassador Program consists of a bunch of tools and useful resources on the Ambassador Hub that will be updated frequently, and you can also expect an editorial content calendar with recommended social media posts and other suggestions are sent straight to your inbox each month.

What is PartnerStack?

Ans PartnerStack delivers you with the necessary tools, resources, and assets you need to promote the product and earn rewards from referrals.

How long do the cookies last for this program?

Ans In order to track your referrals, it uses cookies. However, the cookies generally last for 90 days after someone clicks on your referral code. If they click again, then 90 days restarts.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we can say that QuickBooks Ambassador Program is a method of earning extra income. Sign up and get a unique referral code, for sharing it with your community. You get a $50 referral reward after the sale confirms. Last but not the least, in the QB Ambassador Program there are no limits on how much you earn and how much you refer to this unique referral code.


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