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QuickBooks online payroll manages payroll services and access HR and employee software features. It is divided into three-tier options, Core, Premium, and Elite. All these tiers operate payroll services and automated tax filing. Also, Premium and Elite tiers come with TSheets time tracking features. Once your payroll setup is complete, it automatically calculates your payroll taxes and pays. By doing this you can spend your time doing what matters most for you. With the Tax Penalty Protection feature that comes with the Elite tier, QuickBooks online payroll payback any penalty and interest cost.

After the completion of the initial setup, you can run payroll automatically. Auto Payroll technique allows you to stay in control with clear alerts and notifications. Automatic time tracking feature keeps an eye on your group member that makes it easy to approve payroll when you’re ready. From your payroll account, you can access a full suite of HR and employee services, including health benefits and workers’ comp. Your payroll and accounting information or data keep updates in real-time which saves your time and energy. This helps to share real-time payroll or accounting data easily with your accountant anytime.

QuickBooks Online Payroll basically comes in three different plans that are Core, Premium, and Elite. Each of these three diferent plans in corporate finance and automatic tax recording. The main features of the new QuickBooks Online Payroll are divided into three tiers:


The Core plan pays charges, yet it just records for one state, so in the event that you pay representatives in more than one state, you’ll pay an extra expense. Earlier is was known as QuickBooks Online Self-Service Payroll. It means, QuickBooks Online Payroll Core is very helpful and reliable for automated payroll and includes:

  • It supports Auto Payroll
  • Item support from U.S  based specialists
  • Full suite-service payroll includes automated tax and forms
  • Employees will get their money on next-day direct deposit
  • Automatic federal and state payroll taxes
  • For employees, a Workforce Portal is available
  • Employees get health benefits.


The Premium version of this plan additionally offers direct deposit the same day and also the HR Support Center. The Center gives simple access to state and government pay and additional time laws help with custom sets of expectations and representative onboarding and offer worker execution tools. Previously known as QuickBooks Online Full-Service Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium incorporates all the features of QuickBooks Online Payroll Core. With the Premium arrangement, you’ll approach to:

  • Employees will get their money on the same-day direct deposit
  • Customizable client authorizations
  • Expert arrangement survey 
  • Live time tracking feature
  • HR support focus fueled by Mammoth 


The Elite version is the most valuable level contribution that will incorporate the most usefulness from QuickBooks. With this version, you’ll get the entirety of the features of the two past plans. This is the top-level beneficence that is planned explicitly for the development and growth of organizations. This plan probably provides all the features given in QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium. Basically QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite clients have the following benefits:

  • Assessment Penalty Protection all the time
  • A better proficient finance arrangement
  • Manage activities and track time at the same time without any delay 
  • An on-request HR counselor fueled by Mammoth
  • White glove altered arrangement by the U.S. based authorities

How to run Payroll in QuickBooks 

To run payroll in QuickBooks or QuickBooks online advanced we will have to start from the Employees page. The given below steps are described in the most common and simplest language to know how you can run payroll in QuickBooks. Here the steps are given below: 

  • On the employee’s window of QuickBooks click Run payroll.
  • Select the Bank account from where the money will be deducted.
  • Fill the Pay Period and Pay Date. 
  • In case you’ve filled timesheets that match with the pay period then QuickBooks automatically imports the hours. This will display in the Regular Pay Hrs section.
  • To view each employee’s paycheque, click on the icon of the edit. 
  • Now click on the next button to Pay to spread the payment information.
  • To move for the next employee Select OK and follow the same process if needed.
  • To complete the payroll after some time, select on the Save for Later else click Submit Payroll to complete the payroll run right now.
  • From the Run Payroll section, select the Print pay stubs, or enter a Cheque Number. You are also able to Print Payroll Reports from here.
  • Then click on the Print pay stubs option.
  • To view and export your payroll reports to Excel, click on the View Payroll Reports. 
  • Now select the OK button.
  • Click on the selected report to view and then click OK. QuickBooks transport your reports to Excel.

Final Thought!

The main motive to write this blog is to let you know the overview of QuickBooks Online payroll. Get Human Resources and taxes related services in QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite version. Run payroll in your QuickBooks with the above simple steps and easily manage your business. You can take the help of our experts who will review your payroll setup without wasting your time. We offer step-by-step help for any query when you need it. We’ll help to remove errors related to your payroll taxes and penalty and interest cost. Our QuickBooks Payroll Support team has excellent product knowledge and is here to help you. Please do not forget to comment down below if you find any valuable answer.


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